Year 10 – 12 BYOD 2016

Choosing a Device

As students enter their senior years of schooling they begin to develop an idea of the specific pathway they would like to take and this will affect their subject choices. Therefore we are not prescribing a specific device for a senior students, instead we have developed minimum requirements that the student’s device need to meet. This ensures that students have devices that will best cater for their learning. We encourage senior students to choose devices with keyboards. Also when choosing a device students need think about the subjects they have chosen and what they would like to achieve by using their device in class.  If you decide that an iPad used in the junior year levels is sufficient for senior schooling, students can continue to use this device as we don’t want to put any undue financial pressure on parents. However it is recommended that a quality keyboard is purchased to support the iPad. Devices can be purchased through our recommended supplier CompNow (portal on the school website) or a device can be purchased through other means as long as it meets the minimum requirements

Device Affordability

If you currently have a device but would like to upgrade to a more suitable device CompNow offer Technology Buyback solution.  Please visit the link to assess your eligibility:

To ensure all students have the opportunity to obtain their own device the school will have a number of second hand laptops available for special circumstances. The laptops available are at least 3 years old and should serve as a short-term solution of approximately 12 months.


All devices connected to the school server will be setup with the current eduSTAR image.  Parents can choose to purchase and add extra software if necessary.


The eduSTAR images on Windows and Mac devices have System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) antivirus installed by default. In devices with Windows 10 it is replaced with Windows Defender.

Resources – Booklists

Please refer to the Year 10 and VCE booklists. Some subjects have the option to purchase digital copies along with the standard hardcopy textbooks.

Warranty vs Insurance

When choosing whether to include insurance on you device please be mindful that the three year warranty only covers products faults. Insurance, however includes accidental damage and lost/theft of a device.  Please refer to the CompNow site for more information.